About Us

Who are we?

Looking at the music industry from a new perspective!

The Back from the Deadstock initiative was born in March 2023 when the company Recycle Vinyl was contacted about 10 Tonnes of unwanted vinyl.

Whilst trying to find a solution to such a large amount of essentially unwanted plastic we started to explore the actual vinyl recycling process and also started to take into account just how much vinyl is sat in warehouses, storage containers or garages around the World.

We also realised that other industries such as the fashion industry have become more sustainable and consciously aware of how the unsold and unused materials can be put to other uses and that the vinyl industry could maybe learn from this.

From our experience working with vinyl over the years we know there is a lot of deadstock and unsold records/shop returns,  a lot of this gets scrapped when the records get deleted. Not to mention to amount of used records that people don’t want any more!

By partnering with the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life foundation we aim to put the money generated from deadstock and unwanted records into good causes.

If you wish to know more information about the services we can provide then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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