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10 Tonnes of Vinyl Recycled

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Our founder company Recycle Vinyl was contacted in March 2023 by GRG Recycling on the behalf of Vale Earth Fair. By doing charity Records fairs in Guernsey they had amassed a surplus of 10 Tonnes of Vinyl and wanted us to find a solution for them.

The discussions between us established that the solution needed to be as environmentally friendly as possible and didn’t involve this going to landfill.

We found a buyer for this vinyl and whilst researching the environmental impact of disused records ending up in landfill and the sheer volume of records that no one knows what to do with decided to create the back from the deadstock initiative to tackle the problem.


How you can get involved and help out.

We are aiming to make the music industry more sustainable and cut plastic waste whilst helping good causes. 

You can donate deadstock or unwanted records by contacting us on 0330 1222168 or email

We have many options that will enable us to keep the Records in circulation by finding a market for them, or by recycling them either into new records or other PVC based products.

We will donate money for every record/box/pallet you give us to the Last Night a DJ Saved my Life Foundation, this will either be a direct donation to reflect the value of the records or based upon the value that we can get from recycling them. Everything will be transparent.

We are fully aware that deleted stock may need for example the corners clipping on the sleeves or other markings to show this is deleted stock, we can work with you to draw up an agreement of our responsibilities to you if you are willing to make regular donations.

We are happy to take donations of both brand new and second hand records. With brand new records e.g. deleted stock or over stocks, we can prepare this to be recycled into fresh PVC products such as more records. With Second Hand records we can find a buyer who can find value within the records. We prefer larger donations e.g. 1000s of units/pallet sized quantities because there is often little value in the records we are working with, so in order to try and get some value out of them and use that money for good, we need a reasonable amount of material to start with.

We are fully aware that vinyl records take up a lot of space and are often over pressed, or mispressed, trends also change and anyone who has worked with vinyl long enough will know this leads to a lot of space taken up with records that didn’t sell or couldn’t be sold. We are happy to take these from you and therefore allow you to gain space (most probably for more records). And with second hand records, any record collector will know that is very possible to amass more records than you have space for, and quite often people decide it’s time to let go of these, but don’t know what to do!

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